Golden Friendships

Anyone who knows me well will realize quickly that my friends are golden. Golden hearts, golden intentions, and golden outlooks on life. Golden beyond my wildest hopes and dreams in the arena of walking through life with amazing people constantly surrounding me. God has completely outdone Himself in this area of my life and I am beyond grateful for each person He has brought into my life.

Beginning with elementary school when he brought me two of my lifelong friends and ending, to be honest, yesterday when He allowed me to visit with a new kindred spirit for hours that evaporated in what seemed like minutes, He proves over and over that He gets me. He also proves that they get me. He gets my need for them in my life. My need for their constant and abiding faithfulness that has brought tears on occasion due to the sheer joy and happiness they have brought to me over the years.

As far as my two elementary best friends are concerned, they bless me regularly with their constant cheering and encouragement from the sidelines. Our infrequent visits and talks do not lessen my love for either of them over time and they will always hold a special part of my heart.  I owe many life lessons and fun childhood memories to them both since we went all the way through high school together and spent hour upon hour with one another on the dance team in high school. I can always count on them to feel my greatest joys and my deepest sorrows right along with me even though we are not physically present with one another. We are forever connected through childhood’s fond memories and experiences.  Faithful, loving, dependable, kind, wise, and joyful describe these two special friends.

College at Texas A& M University (Whoop!) brought me several more deep, lasting friendships that have sustained me in the thirty-four years since I first walked on the A&M campus and met these two beauties in Neeley Hall.  One was my pot-luck roommate (Meaning I didn’t choose her…..God did!) and one was a girl on our floor whom I met on the very last day of school my freshman year while we were avoiding studying for that dreaded Friday final after everyone else has left for the summer! These two ladies have provided enduring love and faithfulness through college, marriage, parenting, and life in general. These two are the “first responders” when it comes to happy news, hard news, or requests for prayer. They are both in the Dallas area, yet frequent phone calls and texts with them bless my heart and visits with them over the years have kept our hearts close.  Life without my two college best friends would have been a lot less exciting and fun over the years. Faithful, loving, prayerful, humble, thoughtful, generous, and wise are accurate desciptions of these two friends.

The third group, which has literally kept me going in my daily life, are the women I met at Sagemont Church and a special neighborhood friend who joined us in Bunko and other shenanigans when my children were first-born.  This group of women is the group I mentally envisioned as I read the above quote from C.S. Lewis.  They are righteous.  Non-judgemental.  Loving.  Kind.  Truthful.  Funny.  Prayerful.  Honest.  Faithful.  Humble.  Wise.  Discerning.  Stellar.  More than I deserve.

The things that we have experienced together in the arena of daily life as a close friend group has kept us all on our toes.  We have experienced engagement, marriage, pregnancy, joy,  miscarriage, infertility, sadness, separation, infidelity, divorce, child rearing issues, depression, teenagers :), moves, death, happiness, and remarriage.  We have literally been one another’s prayer partners, encouragers, and supporters through moments when we were not sure we could survive.  I think, at times, that I could not have made it through life successfully without the friends God graced me with through His incredible generosity and love.

When life is confusing for me, at times, I know that I can ask any and all of these precious ladies to pray for me or just call them for advice about how to handle an uncomfortable situation.  The thing that I love the most about all of the women mentioned in this blog is that every one of them loves me enough to be frustrated ALONG WITH me for at least a moment, but then they talk me off the ledge, lead me to truth and discernment, and give me amazing advice.  Their love for me is evident and I smile at their incredulous response when anyone has “wronged me” in our mutual world view.  They usually begin the response with their own disbelief of how anyone could ever be that unthinking, unkind, or inconsiderate towards me.  Yet, their wisdom prevails and they inevitably lead me to see things from God’s perspective in a loving way and provide relief for my mind and soul along the way. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  They do not allow me to linger in any negative thinking or unhealthy ideas.  Instead, they propel me forward to pursue love, kindness, and godliness.

These women are all precious, life-giving, wise, and loving people.  These people I am blessed to call my forever friends.

As C.S. Lewis writes, “Who could have deserved it?”


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